Nigerian Youths Are Leaders of Today, Not Tomorrow Anymore – Adejola Adeyemi Crown




While growing up our teachers used to say we were the Leaders of Tomorrow even years after I left Primary School and secondary school I still find it difficult to categorize this statement.

As we all know that Young people are part of the strong formation of a society and they are an integral and essential part of a society; they offer that specific aroma of theirs which complements and add glamour to the societal wholeness.

It is therefore known that Young people cannot survive or stand alone without a society or it’s Cultural background alongside it’s values and traditions, and a society in turn is incomplete without their Commuters that is the teeming youths.

This assertion there by brought about the general saying that “Nigerian youths are the leaders of tomorrow ” and I keep wondering as it keeps re –  echoing in my heart how soon this well known phrase has become so unrealistic and seems impossible to attain as it has gradually become part of our National Anthem unknowingly.

To put the record straight In 1985, Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) was the president and our teachers told us that General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) was the former Head of state.

Then, our teacher also called us “the leaders of tomorrow”  years later, IBB and Buhari are still around the scene not willing to leave just because they are still maintaining the fore front of our political system as the then General Muhammadu Buhari is currently the President of Nigeria Even in the 21st century.

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I then thought to myself,  Its either our teacher lied to us about being the leaders of tomorrow, or that tomorrow is yet to come. Please who do you think is fooling WHO?

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In 1983, Bamanga Tukur was Governor of the defunct Gongola State (now Adamawa and Taraba) and years later we all knew what transpired.

Major General David Mark (rtd) was military governor of Niger State in 1984 and years after served as Senate President and still at the floor of the National Assembly as minority member.

The same goes for Ex – Governor Murtala Nyako, who was governor of Niger State in 1976. Until his impeachment not quite long was Governor of Adamawa State.

The country, Nigeria , as we all know it today has been shaped and re –  shaped by only the leadership class of yesteryears and this begs the question of what has happened to the “leaders of tomorrow ”

In a country like ours, it is dispiriting to think what the future holds, when as blessed as we are, what has befallen us is regression compared to buoyant developing and developed countries of the world.

This is quite serious, disheartening, unimaginable and alarming and I keep wondering how we got here and when exactly Nigeria will regain her lost image of ” giant of Africa” .

Even today an average youth of Nigeria still believes this future is still coming not knowing it was a trick used by our colonial masters and founding leaders not to allow us get to the peak of leadership positions in this country (Nigeria).

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I keep asking ” Who are these Leaders of tomorrow????
Is tomorrow not going to come again?????
The beautiful ones are not yet born?????

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What a shameful act by those gluttons called leaders.

Who do they think they are deceiving????

I just know that we have People Deceiving People political party and not to mention APC caucus.

It is time the youths wake up from their slumber and have hold of their age long glory and be active in the nation – building process and lived the true meaning of the saying that they are the leaders of today and not tomorrow.





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