Nigerians Wouldn’t Mind Buying Petrol At N200.00 Provided They Can Get It Anytime Without Stress – Rotimi Makinde

A former federal lawmaker of the House of Representatives,  one time federal legislator and a former top Nnpc staff Hon. Rotimi Makinde has said that the best policy on fuel is for the federal government to radically increase the supply of Premium Motor Spirit for the purchase of consumers.

 He said Nigerians would not mind buying fuel even if it sells at N200.00 provided its made available for purchase without the stress witnessed at most filling stations.

His words, “The best policy on fuel distribution is not decrease in selling price .The best approach is to radically increase the supply.This is possible if we use our bilateral relationship to do the direct importation and eliminate these middle marketers who are currently milking this country and monopolizing the issue for their selfish advantages and at the expense of the generality of the common man.


“Nigerians would not mind to buy PMS even if it sells for 200.00 provided and only if they can get it at any time without stress ,and it would be a further joy for Nigerians if the government reposition themselves to prepare to do something reasonable with those excesses that will certainly accrued as a result of the wide margin.

“This country can survive even if crude oil sells at 10 Naira  at international market.

“To regain our lost glory in the distribution of petroleum products,Our pipeline’s  law must be review while we must consider severe punishment for pipelines vandals,No known economy policies can triumph in any unsecured environment like ours.

” The time for us to be more patriotic in this country is now.I would love to see more of PDP’s condemning this wide theft as currently discovered by EFCC and also to see more of APC’s calling for fair and equal treatment and to turn further searchlight inward and to members of the ruling party  who are corrupt..With this, a society free of corruption and under a fair and uniform treatment is good for we all. ” He told Amiloaded


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