Ooni Of Ife Reveals Why He Likes To Mingle With The Common People (Read)




The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, has revealed why and how he developed a concept to live like an ordinary citizen despite his high status in the country. According to a report, the Ooni who revealed how he once boarded a bus in Lagos says he quite passionate about mankind – hence the decision to mingle with common people.

Read the report shared below by the Ooni’s palace on behalf of the monarch…

There Was a time I Boarded the BRT Bus In Lagos. The Reason Is Very Simple; I am Quite Passionate About Mankind, So I Developed a Concept to live like the Common Man At least Once Every Month Because I Believe We Did Not Come Into this World With Anything.

I Would Drop Everything I Have to live like An Average Man Struggling In life. I Would Visit People Under the Bridge, Ride On a Motorcycle And Board a ‘Molue’ to Wherever I Was Going In Lagos. It Was Very Stressful But those times Were My Best Moments In life Because I Got to Relate With the Real People. I Saw their Sufferings And Felt their Plights.

When I Ascended the throne, I Requested the Elders to Grant Me the Opportunity to Continue the Concept, but they Did Not Agree, So I Coined a New One that Would Go In line With the throne, Which Is Stopping My Convoy Whenever I get to a Particular Open Place With Moderate Crowd And Buy ‘Boli’ (Roasted Plantain) And ‘Dundu’ And Other Basic Food Items Because We Don’t Have to Forget Where We Are Coming From In life.

Which Position Are you that Nobody Has Never Been In life? When you Serve Mankind, you Serve God. Our People Have Disconnected From the Less-Privileged And the Downtrodden.

Each time I Stop, the People Are Always Happy And My Security Men Are Usually Afraid And they Caution Me to Get Into the Car But I Always Make them Realise that I Cannot Be Harmed By these People. They Are Just Excited And I am Always Happy to Be In their Midst. At times, I Would Not Come Out of the Car.

But Most times, I Do Get Out to Shake People’s Hands and I would Buy From them What they’re Selling And Pay them Higher than What they Have Sold.

I Will Be Sick if I Am Not With the Common People; It Has Always Been My Lifestyle.


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  1. It's a good thing to mingle with common people, but please don't Overdo it bcoz of your position @ Ooni of Ife


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