On Moremi Hostel’s Eviction: OAU Vice-Chancellor; A Calamitious Yo-yo and Unrepentant Rabble Rouser By: Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo




Distinguished Readers;

Like I recommended prayer sessions for LAUTECH; a school of confusion and crippled framework; I would love to extend my recommendations to the ever resilient students of Obafemi Awolowo University. Prayers would work but there is a need for immediate awakening of conscientiousness and consciousness of students to hold this institution with faith and strength before its olympus falls.

Like many others, I will love to send my sympathy to the helpless students of Obafemi Awolowo University and extend my condolences to Ogunbodede led administration for their giant strides of injustice, victimization and total negligence of welfare of staffs and students. Within two years, OAU has witnessed the leadership of two; an angel and a devil (creature of hell); one who paid courtesy visit to the students who live in despair under dilapitated hostels and made a promise of renovation and the other who gave order to unemployed men in uniform to chase away our daughters, sisters and future wives and openly assaulted students(comrades) who protested against his evil act.

What happened on OAU soil today is the most unfortunate act that can happen in any institution of the world. Over the years, we have linked the cruelty and insensibilites of our leaders to illiteracy based on the ample fact that most leaders are poorly educated and less exposed but what would be the reason behind the insensible and irresponsible act of Eyitope Ogunbodede; a professor who gave order to our unemployed men in uniform to forcefully dragged our girls from hostels? Ogunbodede is a professor which shows that he is educated and exposed I watched with dismayed a video that shows how students (ladies) were forcefully dragged out of Moremi’s hostel and male students packed like pigs inside a waiting police van. I could remember the last time I went to OAU and saw the woeful state of hostels laced with inhumane living conditions of students living inside the hostels; one would think that why do we have students around? Students who are supposed to go home and live a better life before coming down to halls of hell but the reason is not far fetched; the necessity of fulfilling mandatory academic programmes recognized in the university curriculum such as Students’ Workshop Experience Programme, Teaching Practice, Project compilations and others in which the management of this institution are fully aware of. I also learnt that a directive has been given by the management and names taken for the provision of accomodation for SWEP students but it is unfortunate that the same management that gave directives are the one chasing students out of their spaces with unemployed uniform men.

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If he has forgotten what the bible says; let him glance through the book of history and have a clear picture of his predecessors and their falls except the good vice-chancellor OAU never had.

The use of mobile police to chase students out of their spaces is barbaric, inhumane, riots against sensibilities and
and abhors reasoning.

No amount of essays can justify this disgraceful act; irrespective of the good intention behind the new hostel policy; it shows that OAU is under the control of a one legged brainy creature of hell. In a saner clime; there should be availability of options for students if the school authority wants to reduce the number of intakes because if provisions have not been made; these students will be released to fellow devils; creatures of hell in whom Ogunbodede represents.

I have no doubts that the students of OAU are in their trying times; student’s union was formally under the control of failures who turned union into their family property and acted like an unrepentant prodigal sons and the management under the control of a creature of hell. Its not only disgusting but a perfect definition of calamity. Eyitope needs to be told that although the union has been proscribed and some sycophants turned it into their property but only the union can be proscribed, sycophants be bought not the conscience of the ever resilient and gallant comrades of Obafemi Awolowo University.

I call on the responsible officials of National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) and other pressure groups; those who have not become calamities and tragedies of students’ movement to arise and defend our common heritage. It is unfortunate that students were arrested by our unemployed men in uniform rather than these useless officers to be on the search for criminals and law offenders; they are busy arresting comrades who protested against a creature of the hell and his obnoxious policy.

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All what I can do from here is to solidarize with the helpless students of OAU and to call on respective students’ bodies and human rights commission that these arrested students does not belong to cells rather men like Ogunbodede belong to cells made for criminals…..The man who suspended students for expressing their views needs to be imprisoned.

Let’s us join the campaign and free our rusticated students!
let’s join the campaign against victimisation!!

let’s join the campaign against  Ogunbodede

Enough is Enough!!! “Ogunmodede must go!!!!!

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo is a writer, content developer and freelance journalist




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