OAU Professor In Sex For Mark Accusations Scandal (Leaked Audio)

Gone are the days when our educational system is in good hands, now we have hunting predators as teachers and we wonder how our students can free themselves from the hands of cannibal-like lecturers.

Early this morning, it was gathered that a Professor in the department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife not only asked students who failed for sex to pass them, but he was ready to do it five different times.
Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard, a notable lecturer in the above named department and university was requesting for sex from Enitan, a girl in the department who shared the phone call that transpired between them to students who are ready to listen to her ordeal.

From the call, we gathered that only just three students failed the course and she got 33 which is F and automatic carry over.

We learn he wants to have carnal knowledge of her five times just to give her grade E. The girl had claimed to be menstruating the first time he had planned on having sex with her.


While students from OAU are still battling with the dictator-like current management plus the unjustifiable punishments meted out to them.

Just few months ago, an alumnus of OAU Dr. Funke Dezarn also exposed a former lecturer of the same university who uses his power as a lecturer to fail students that denies him sex.

We wonder if the accused lecturer won’t keep failing students and asking then to do immoral things.

Attached to this post is the recorded conversation


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