2018 Democracy Day: Osun Assembly Congratulates Nigerians

State of Osun Assembly under the leadership of the Speaker, RT. Honourable Najeem Salam has congratulated Nigerians as the nation commemorate this year’s edition of democracy day.

In a statement signed by the Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy, Olatunbosun Oyintiloye in Osogbo on Monday, the parliament revealed that Nigeria has achieved reasonable level of progress, freedom of speech inclusiveness which were the hallmark of  democratic governance.

It explained that, “since 1999 till date, it is a delightful that the nation had experienced uninterrupted flow of democratic governance, through change of power from one government and party to another.

“it recalled  that the early days of the country’s post-independent era was mared with military coup and hijack of power through which the nation’s founding fathers learnt that the best form of government is democracy and they tried their best to make sure sustainable in Nigeria.”


The Assembly noted that in spite of the set back experienced in the days of military interruption, the nation had maintained a remarkable progress.

It noted that though the nation was going through difficult times, there was the need to be steadfast in nation building and protect the ideal of democracy.

“Of course the nation like other countries of the world is going through some challenges currently, but no other form of government must be considered rather than playing our roles as citizens to make sure our democracy works for us all.”

The Assembly called on political gladiators as elections draw near to exhibit character, maturity and learnt from the experiences of the past and avoid any action that jeopardize democracy

They maintained that there was the need to eschew anti democratic tendencies and promote internal democracy across party lines.


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