61st Birthday: Against Odds, Aregbesola Transformed Osun – Progressives e-Group

Progressives e-Group (the number one online media platform in the State of Osun) is ecstatic, full of life and proud to celebrate with our life patron, global leader, symbol of good governance, exemplary principal and undisputable face of genuine “omoluabi ethos” – Ogbeni AbdulRauf Adesoji Aregbesola as he clocks 61 today.
The number one citizen of the state of Osun is a special breed, national icon and global identity, we are proud to associate with you in all ramifications. The general consensus about Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is that his type is not only rare when history was traced back, his prototype has also not been located anywhere else across the geographical and political entity called Nigeria. He is reserved but accessible to all, strong but easy to relate with, loaded but humble, intelligent but calm, religious but liberal, tested without blemish and trusted without limit.
We have as first hand information through our contacts from other parts of the country how they were envying Osun for having a governor that is not only exceptionally committed to human and capital development of his state but also determined to getting things done against all odds even if it requires him being called unprintable names. We are happy with our dear governor today and always because his vision for Osun is already manifesting and radiating to all especially those doubting elements to see and acknowledge.
An ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said; For every creation, there is a purpose attached to it. It is crystal clear that son of Aregbesola was created to liberate Osun administratively and developmentally. Hence, the need to celebrate him phenomenally today is not only to appreciate him for his selfless service to the state, it is also to genuinely pray for him to reap all the fruits of his labour on earth with good health and endless happiness.
Based on this, we wish our dear leader, deep admirer and life patron, all the good,  goodness and goodwill life can offer a true man of great virtues like him. Because you deserve it, we wholeheartedly say;
Happy Birthday Sir!

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