Nigerian Youths Inaugurate New Political Movement, ANY To Push For Leadership Positions

In a bid to ensure that Nigerian youths occupy top leadership positions in the nation’s governments, a political movement christiend Arise Nigerian Youths (ANY) has been inaugurated.

In a release made available by the inovator  of the pressure group, Mr. Adisa  Kabiru kulukulu, ANY was initiated by one Comrade Frank from Imo state before Nigerian youths supported it.

The release noted that the movement is meant for youths across the country and beyond religion and ethnic affiliation disclosing that it is geared towards ensuring that qualified youths get to political powers.

It reads, “What is *ANY*?


ANY stands for “Arise Nigerian Youths.” It is a political movement or organization we the youths of Nigeria came together to form. Though it was initiated by Comr Frank of Imo State, it is meant for all Nigerian youths irrespective of state or region. It is a movement in which the youths in every state and region are made to support one another to get into power. In this movement, every one takes up the title ” Comrade “.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to organize and sensitize all Nigerian youths into a political umbrella under which they can be elected into power in government.

What is our AIM?

Our AIM is to ensure that visionary, selfless and suitably qualified youths become leaders in government.

What are our objectives?

Our objectives are;

(a) To ensure that the manifesto of the Pressure Group which shall be subject to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is adhere to by every member of the group;

(b) To promote the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

(c) To cooperate with any organization whose aims and objectives are in conformity with that of the Pressure Group and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

(d) To promote true federalism and equitable revenue distribution in the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

(e) To canvass for votes in support of eligible and credible candidates into public offices in all tiers of government;

(f) To promote national development and contribution to the growth of national economy;

(g) To promote the integration of the nation’s cultural diversities by harmonizing her various tribes, ethnicities and religions;

(h) To promote and uphold the fundamental rights, equality and justice of all Nigerians;

(i) To promote the security of life and property, and the respect of human dignity;

(j) To promote the well being of every Nigerian;

(k) To promote basic education and advanced learning in modern science, technology and the art, and local expertise;

(l) To promote character, transparency, accountability, discipline and fairness in the conduct of public affairs.”


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