‘I Don’t Smoke, I Don’t Drink, I Stopped Womanizing; I’m Romantic’ – Atiku (Photos)

Get Nigeria Working Again… #GNWA , A Youth focused campaign to support the Presidential Campaign of Atiku Abubakar shared this very interesting and funny video on instagram.

The PDP presidential candidate was asked an interesting question.

‘I’m about to ask you a very funny question now, you know Africans always say, if a man does not smoke, he will drink and if he doesn’t drink, he will womanize, which of the 3 do you do?’

Atiku’s honest response:


‘I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I have stopped womanizing’

The lady interviewing him bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

Interviewer: Would you describe yourself as a romantic person? You know your wives would know better, would you say that you have a bit of romance in you?

Atiku: ‘Yes I believe I have because I don’t get shy kissing them in public, hugging them, you know parting them. I believe that is romantic enough…’
See more and Watch the very funny and interesting video below:


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