PDP House Of Assembly Aspirant Calls For Calm As He Loses Ticket

PDP House Of Assembly  Aspirant Calls For Calm As He Loses Ticket 

A member of people’s Democratic party Mr Success Ogunkolade, who lost the house of Assembly  ticket    has appealed to members of the party to eschew violence.

The aspirant, who accepted defeat urged  his supporters to shum all forms   violence  that could tarnished the image of Party.

Ogunkolade,  who lost  Oriade State cinstituency  ticket to Barrister Pelumi Olajengbesi, said no  matter the outcome of any election,  members of the party would continue to be one strong family.


“I will like, as a matter of responsibility, to strongly appeal to all members of our great party, the PDP in Ori-Ade  constituency of Osun State and my teaming supporters to calm nerves, eschew violence and keep the peace.

“No matter the outcome of any election, we are one and the same family.

” We cannot fight, let alone cause injuries to each other, because of our individual aspirations or of others”.

Ogunkolade , who noted  that Olajengbesi was iniatially considered  for Federal House of Representatives ticket,  said he wished him.

” I honestly wish him well, even though his aspiration was to contest for Member representing OriAde- Obokun Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

“However, the view of our leaders and the interest of our people is to still return the Federal Representatives’ ticket to Hon. Wole Oke, who has done well in diverse fields areas is paramount to our development.

Ogunkolade  who noted that  Members of the PDP in Osun state had suffered and endured enough pains of being in the opposition for too long, said there was not need fo them to engage in any fight.

 “We cannot add salt to our injuries by going after ourselves. Only days ago, we came together, worked very hard for the Osun governorship election.

“We were all celebrating our victory with shared joy. To our unforgettable dismay, we were robbed of that victory.

“Together, we shared our pains. While we hope our mandate will be reclaimed by the last hope of the oppressed- the Nigerian Judiciary, our painful experiences in that election should always remind us that we must stand by each other.

“No matter how wrongly we may have been treated or feel treated, we must summon the courage to bear at heart and mind that being members of the PDP makes us brothers and sisters of a political family.

“We should be bonded by a competition which must be devoid of any iota of violence. We can never achieve anything meaningful through violence.

“The PDP in Osun State have suffered from something greater than violence.

“That thing is state-inspired oppression.

“We should focus on liberating the PDP and the people of Osun State from the oppression of misrule and injustice.

“My appeal to all aspirants in the state is to please stay out of violence.

“Let’s embrace peace in the midst of unwavering determination to hold firmly, the PDP umbrella to shield us from the rains of hell being suffered from misrule”, Ogunkolade said.


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