Buhari’s Second Coming By Gbadebo Adeagbo




A debatable moments of dragging the Nigeria’s president into limelight of campaigns and scorecards often triggers painstaking premises by the Buhari’s acolytes to inculcate the tenets of good governance, true demonstration of empathy and sympathizing spirit to whom it may concern. Anyone who is obliged to throw missiles to  Buhari’s camp through falsehood is doing so in a ricocheting manners based on assumptions and ideologies that the mantras of the 2015 struggles are coming so glaring although in an uneasy way. The truth is that the Buhari’s second coming is real,Just like the Biblical attestation of Jesus Christ second coming which is uprightly defended  in the Christians Holy Book. The arising whims and caprices that has committed itself towards driving the political space of the nation is clearly an indication that Buhari alone is not coming to hijack the central seat (as if it’s- a monarchial chieftain). More shocking it may seems,the battle line has been drawn between the primitive forces and the other side of the world.

In one of the most sober quotes of Andy Stanley which professed that “Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say”. If this holds then Buhari second coming would been a mirage and optical illusions with little or no substance. The irony is that the facilitators of his movements across the country enjoys cordial relationship between the power brokers and the footsoldiers. An outsider watching closely events will express satisfaction over the tactics and strategies the wingmen and his acolytes are deploying making his second coming more fierce and scary to his opponents in the history of electioneering process.

President Muhammadu Buhari presented to Nigerians three agendas having noticed the vile nature of our system which is hallmarked by malodorous corruption and reckless(The Good Luck Jonathan’s adminstration). He came on a mission to get rid of corruption, improve on security deficiencies and boost our national economy and development. Atiku Abubakar once said President Muhammadu Buhari has done well in the area of fight against corruption and improved security network in just a year of his administration before the Former Vice President defected when demands are not met. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo also commended the dynamism of President Buhari in synergizing the whole country in love and sheer interest of progress.

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The three agendas have formed a paraphernalia and subsequently an appurtenances to the manifestation of contents of the blueprint and today’s reality. Nigeria recorded highest numbers of killings between 2009-2015 in the history of internal crisis.Salvo looms and the then ruling class were indifferent. What aggravated this position is palpable corruption and stealing which they believe it is part of moral etiquettes and ethos of leadership. Several cases of gangsterism and racketeering was recorded. This philosophy of leadership and complete misrule plunged the nation into cataclysmic and pandemonium before power shift hand in an election that displayed enormous competitiveness.

The preconditions that are real before Buhari came on board was ugly . Puss has covered and marred the moral thinking of those who were the acclaimed rulers. This venom of discord has made the process of eradicating the bad footprints of the Conservatives more Herculean. Even as the fight to emancipate Nigerians continues to garner more hope and haven of relief, I still believe that no other party could have performed above average under unstable conditions which the precursors have led us into.

Though, the putrids and the fragrances will meet at the point of reckoning which is vested in one who is resilient in maintaining the elasticity of the country’s tension and stress. Buhari has continued to preach and walk the talk of his 2015 agendas that led to a remarkable change of phase and moral thinking about the sumptuous taste of central power.

Infact some of those who have frustrated the leadership proximity to the citizenry have left in annoyance which is an affirmative reverberation of the reflection of the Buhari’s mantras that the charades of nationalism cannot stand the test of time under President Muhammadu Buhari adminstration. The motives of the defectors was to weaken the potency of the Buhari’s stands in the length and breadth of the nation but met stiffer resistance from the smart and assiduous wingmen.

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Saraki’s humiliation in the just concluded House of Representatives by-election is a signal to all that his shenanigans and illicit intentions to continue to enslave Kwarans till eternity is over. While he lost, his political relevance will further weakens ahead 2019 election on the basis of reality Nigerians are made to see. In Short, rulers who seems to choose the path of aggrandizement will equally share the same burden of defeat like the Waziri of Ilorin.

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The people’s democratic party candidate is seen as a broad day robber who has amassed wealth during the Obasanjo’s regime oil boom. My candid view point is that such individual carries an identity that deviates from a new Nigeria which the Progressives are committed to. His recent comment of 90% privatization of NNPC is aimed to impoverish Nigerians noting that capitalist market in Nigeria is a system that cannot work out perfectly. One whose campaign idea are detrimental to nation’s economy will bankrupt the nation’s Commonwealth in in no distant time.

The present economic challenges and the storm is a show of effort and work in progress that are geared towards setting a standard that will provide a sustainable plans for subsequent days if Nigerians are ready to forget and let go the perpetrators of one of most corrupt government in recent time.

Buhari’s giant stride in infrastructural development which includes construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges across the country is believed to be one of the most beautiful manifestations of his mantra. The coming of railway into the transportational sector of the country will become a better advancement and breakthrough upon full utilization. This should not escape our mind in a hurry that the Lagos-Ibadan railway project as well as the Abuja-Kaduna project is as results of desired efforts to write the nation on the world map as one of the best transportation hub. As more collaboration is ongoing with the advanced world such as China there is hope that better days awaits the generality of our nation.

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Conservatives cannot see the huge feat in diversification of Economy even though efforts are ongoing to support critical sectors such as mining, agricultural and manufacturing sector. There is no better time than now to wake the surrealists who are wallowing in incongruities and poor thinking. During the fall of oil price the sectors which supported the imminent woe are non oil sectors which is unprecedented in since 1999.

As one could admits that government are first accountable to the masses without doubts in minds, the accountability and genuineness of the true pictures of the current government is one that has invested in social well-being of Nigerians considering various programmes that affects the youths and senior citizens. The new minimum wage approval is one of the fastest way to conclude that Nigeria’s workforce are critical stakeholders in the task of rebuilding the nation’s utilitarian interest.

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The overall achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari has continued to work in his favor despite overwhelming challenges and campaigns of discord ranging from “Jubril Saga to Waec result, orchestrated by the charlatans to disharmoniously defame the image of Buhari’s reverence. After all no one is perfect Buhari’s little shortfalls cannot alter his chances in the 2019 general election. He remains an individual who has continued to enjoy God’s mercy and grace despite all hurdles.

Gbadebo Adeagbo is a public affairs analyst. He writes from Ado Ekiti.





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