Exclusive! 23-year Old Osogbo Indigene Bags UNIOSUN Overall Best Student (Read)




During the last week convocation ceremony of the Osun State University, Osogbo, the school Registrar revealed that Miss Maryam Kikelomo Adegbite of the Department of Microbiology bagged the overall best student in the university for the 2016/2017 academic session.

This sparked a wide jubilation among friends  family, classmates and indigenes of insignia who were at the event.

In an exclusive interview with, Miss Adegbite expressed her appreciation to the Almighty God for helping her to achieve the feat and also painstakingly narrated her tough journey on the rough road to success.

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Amiloaded: Have you ever encounter any difficulties during your days in school?

She said” The admission search quest was the first challenge on its own. It took me two and a half years to secure admission after my secondary education since 2011.

What about during your university days?

The most challenging days were during my second year at school (200 level), it took me little time to adjust to the learning processes.

Alhamdulilaah, I passed through hurdles and I was astonished when I had 5.00 GPA for the very first time at 200 level second semester.

I asked her ” We learnt that your faculty/department is the most difficult in uniosun, how do you overcome this?

She said”

Yes, in fact, I was almost discouraged about the course during my first year. The senior colleagues discouraged us about the course (Microbiology) and the lecturers. They addressed the lecturers as strict, unapproachable beings and disciplinarians who cant add a mark to a students score but rather fail students.

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 I told myself back then, ‘Maryam you can do it’. My parents were disciplinarian so, meeting with my lecturers wasn’t a challenge.

Alhamdulillah, I feel elated to have graduated from that department as I was been trained by disciplinarians who made me realize how essential it was to value due processes rather than shortcuts.

How did you come over all the challenges?

How I overcame it wasn’t secretive. I sat down, discovered myself and promised myself to graduate with a CGPA of 4.95 in the Department of Microbiology. All I did was to discover who I was by passing through the self-discovery quest. I discovered my reading & studying strategies. Then, I devised an acronym for myself- P.U.D.H.E (Prayers, Understanding, Determination, Hard work, Extracurricular activities).

The acronym helped me a lot and Alhamdulillah, Allah made it feasible for me. It wasn’t by my ease by Allaah’s to have graduated with a 4.91 C.G.P.A. after setting a goal of 4.95.

Maryam revealed that she was not a social enthusiast while in school and that all she does was reading and reading most of the times.

Maryam is a doting lady from a lovely family. She’s a an easy going being who loves to utilize every golden opportunity of networking and meeting with people.

The 23 year old is from the ancient town Osogbo and hopes to have a better career in the academics.






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