See CCTV Footage Of Two Elderly Men Stealing A Car From A Church Car Park In Lagos

A resident of Lagos state is currently seeking help to recover his car after it was stolen while he was in church on October 28th.

Mr Kolade said his wife had gone to the church situated at Anthony village with the car and had parked it on the street close to their church. Two men who drove in a white car, vandalised his car and drove off with it.
Thankfully, a CCTV car installed around the area captured the moment the two elderly men stole the car.

In conversation with newsmen, Mr Gbadamosi said
My wife on the 28th of October went to our church at Anthony on Ajike Faramobi Street with my blue Toyota Corolla car, my kids and a boy that lives with me.

All doors were properly locked and all the keys in her possession. After service, I got a call from her that she couldn’t find the car where it was parked (which of course is the designated church car park in an adjoining street called Alhaja Oluwakemi Street). It was at that point that I got over and we looked at the CCTV footages. This revealed how it was stolen by these 2 elderly men most likely in their 50’s.


The Chasis no is JTDBR32E730017617. Toyota Corolla 2003 with Reg no EKY 716 EP. Checks also confirmed they have been around for about 3 hours scanning through the area before they perpetrated their evil. My wife got to church around 9:40 a.m while they had been around since 7 a.m.


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