SDP Hqrts Calls For peace Among Members in Osun, Rejects New Office Space

The National Headquarters of Social Democratic Party (SDP) has called for peace and harmony among its  members in Osun in respect of securing a better office space for the party in the state.

Dr Olu Agunloye, SDP  South Deputy National Chairman, in a statement containing the position of the National Headquarters on the matter , said the newly acquired office space in the state  was not in accordance with National headquarters guildlines.

Agunloye said a small flat rented in huge business complex  as  SDP office  in the state does not meet the standard of the national headquarters.


He said the rented flat was also discovered to be the same Kosemani office,  which according to him was part of Osun SDP crisis.

Agunloye said the national headquarters of the party had already determined that a new mutually acceptable secretariat should be found in accordance with the party’s directives.

He said once that was done the current SDP Secretariat at Ogo Oluwa will be relocated.

He said,   “there was an initial excitement  upon seeing the gigantic “new” Secretariat of Osun SDP and the national secretariat  felt relieved that Osun has now become united.

” The excitement was short lived when it was found that it was only a small flat in a huge business complex and still the same Kosemani Office that was part of the Osun crisis.

” National headquarters had already determined that a new mutually acceptable Secretariat should be found in accordance with its Guidelines”.

Agunloye, however, urged members of the party not relent in their efforts until a new beginning office was found in the state,  adding that they should also wait for the National Working Committee decisions.


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