Emulate Prophet Ibrahim, During And After Eid-El-Kabir Celebration, Prince Diran Odeyemi Admonished Nigerians and Osun Muslims.

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of
The Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Diran Odeyemi has admonished the Nigerian Muslims in general and those from Osun State in particular to emulate the teachings of the Eid-El Kabir as thaught by Prophet Ibrahim who submitted totally to the dictate of Allah without questioning and went ahead to sacrifice his only son.

Prince Odeyemi in a release made available to the press said “the true allegiance to our claims as true Muslims is reflected in our efforts by backing our pronouncements with actions that reflect exactly what we utter with our mouth, stressing that is when we are seen as true believers”

Odeyemi who said those in the position of authority must struggle hard to make sure that the citizens, upon whom they govern are adequately catered for and made comfortable, economically, socially and in other spheres of life because that is the ideals of the teaching of the Holy Quran.

In his words, “a leader cannot impoverish his people and claim to be a devoted worshipper or Allah or a follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBH), prophet Ibrahim demonstrated *total submission* to the will of Allah and the genuine *total submission* is thinking of how to improve the welfare of the people, anything aside this is an act of Kafir,” Odeyemi concluded.


Prince Diran Odeyemi,
Deputy National Publicity Secretary Peoples Democratic Party,
Wadata Plaza,


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