World Aged Day: Oyintiloye Advocates Protection of Elderly Citizens’ Right




Hon. Olatunbosun Oyintiloye, Candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Obokun State Constituency in the 2019 election, has urged government and citizens to re-opitise polices to support the rights of aged people.

Oyintiloye, made the remarks in message to corroborate the 2019 World Day for the Elderly declared by the United Nation with the theme, “The Journey to Age Equality” on Tuesday.

According to him, the elderly persons deserve more attention and care for them to give their best towards the development of their communities, saying even in old age, they can offer advises based on their experience.

Oyintiloye, who noted that the country is generally callous against the elderly people, said respect for the old ones which was in existence had faded off.

He noted that disparities in old age reflected an accumulated disadvantage, stemming from location, gender, socio-economic, health and income factors.

He stressed the need to empower older persons in the area of promoting their active participation in social, economic and political life as a means of ensuring their inclusiveness.

Oyintiloye said that ageism was one of the “most tolerated forms of social prejudices.

According to him, ageism can be experienced by people at any age and in any setting, including workplaces, communities and in our own homes.

Oyintiloye frowned at a situation where people were being treated differently based on their ages.

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He said old age or ageing should not be made to be seen as a curse or burden to the Society but rather an advantage to tap from the elderly wealth of experiences and invocation of blessings.

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According to him, aged carry blessings and curses in their grey hair, the society should avoid aggravations of their pain that will in turn bring curses on the land .

“It is time to change our attitudes towards people of different ages and our attitude to ageing.

“What we grew up knowing is the cultural respect for the elderly people and we believe so much in their experiences and prayers.

“The 2019 focus of this year’s celebration is very apt, as it targets reduction in inequality within and among countries and ensure equal opportunities for elderly citizens.

“It is time for us to ask ourselves if we are part of the problem,” Oyintiloye said.

Oyintiliye, however, called for proactive policies that would give the elderly soft landing, economic cushioning and access to quality health .