‘Osun On The Path To Glory’ An Article By Rotimi Makinde

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your leadership style is the first step to mastery

The pilot of today is no doubt Governor Adegboyega Oyetola. He is on the path of glory with this recent Economic Summit which tells us how open minded he humbly wishes to run his government.


He has called on the world and indeed every patriotic citizens and lovers of progress in Osun State to come forward and offer their wisdom and never to hoard knowledge on how best to move the state forward economically.

To pretend or admit not to know is the beginning of wisdom. To have the courage and the sacrifice to openly seek people’s contribution in any mission is one of the strongest willingness to greater height. No one of course has the monopoly of knowledge.

When we know we truly care to excel, when we know that a greater world of possibilities easily shows up among several intelligent personalities, we must choose the path to assume we know less.

Since we truly can not take care of everything or assume we are experts in every subject and in all spheres, we can not know it all,to admit not to know it all comes from patriotic sense of belonging with serious determination to succeed, that is the merit in Alh Gboyega Oyetola’s good gestures.

He has openly sought from us what we have to let go, and what we have to grab to ensure we maximize our potentiality. He seeks cooperation, he wants us to jettison hate and play less of politics on the state of affairs of our dear state.

This is a commitment of someone who wants to succeed, the practice of the noble and the choice of every great achiever who is set to further empower the choice of his call to rule with diligence.

Our attempt in designing our choices will naturally give us the power to focus on action and impact, that is just the noble course of Gov Gboyega Oyetola as related to the organized Economic Summit. It can only get better.

The willingness to change the narrative of Osun state as a civil servant state or predominantly dependant state is evident in him as a governor and the amiable directing mind of the state. Osun must be great, Osun must be self reliant, self sufficient and Osun must be well positioned to feed herself.

That is the plain determination. The recent Economic summit is a pointer to that fact and definitely the right step of the governor and his newly constituted cabinet in the right direction that can only move us forward as a state; It is clear that this is an effective and hard working governor and someone who sees this initiative as a way to tell us how he sees collective responsibility as the only way to lead us to the glorious end we envisage.

The summit availed us of how best to develop the state economy, tap our hidden and abundantly rich resources and to monitor the progress that is being made in every sphere of government policies.

The main focus of the Summit is the short ways to medium term policy direction, potential opportunity as opened to organization and individuals while giving priority to the interest in the context of the evolving global economy.

It is interesting to note that a substantial proportion of the recommendations made by the participants started from the era of the immediate past government which have since become part of the state government’s policies some of which have been adopted by the federal government.

This is another step in the right direction……

By Hon. Rotimi Makinde

Osun a dara ooo!!!


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